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  • Monday, October 14, 2019
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The spirit of tolerance, freed from the excesses of egocentrism, leads us to a just consideration of the diverse styles of life.
M. de Montaigne

Legacy Pilgrimage. Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac High School, Temecula California

17/04/2019 | Provincia del Pacífico |

23 students from the new Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac High School in Temecula, California and five chaperones made a nearly two-week pilgrimage to Bordeaux, France and beyond. The purpose of the trip was to foster a sense of belonging to an educational institution with a long, extensive history and world presence. 

The Legacy Pilgrimage began in Bordeaux, walking in the footsteps of Jeanne de Lestonnac’s life. In Barcelona we viewed the statue of Saint Jeanne at the Sagrada Familia and we attended the monthly international Mass. This was an unforgettable opportunity. Spending a morning with the students at Colegio Lestonnac in Barcelona helped to make new friends with another ODN school.

The group then moved on to Rome.  Attending the audience with Pope Frances, visiting Vatican Library and learning about the prayer and social work of the San Egidio community, were but a few of the highlights of the days in Rome. The students expressed how touched they were by the warm and joyful welcome they received from the Company of Mary sisters in all the different places. Thank you ALL.