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The Company of Mary International Network of Schools

July 2014 | ODN |

In the III School Leadership and Management Conference, held in March 2014 in Orvieto (Italy), the Company of Mary International Network of Schools became official.

The Network is made up of the following institutions located in the following countries: Spain, Italy, France, Albania, England, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Japan, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Cameroon.

The Educational Project of Jeanne de Lestonnac, validated by over 400 years of history and enriched by its inculturation in different contexts, identifies and unites us in our diversity.

The spirit of Network among the educational centers responds to the wishes present in the Order from the beginning: to join forces to "serve ever better" (1) and in "ever new ways" (2) society and the Church.

Motivated by the General and Provincial Governments, and in coordination with School Directors and Management Teams, the Network promotes reflection and work together at different levels, helping us advance in common lines and ways of proceeding.

Working together in international teams and in different meetings, makes possible the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences, and from our particular identity providing mutual support in our response to the educational challenges that each situation presents.

Moving forward on the local level with a global perspective, broadens our vision and our possibilities, and helps us fulfill the mission of the Centers: Provide a Christian humanist education which, from the perspective of the dialogue between faith-justice, faith-culture, faith-science and technology, has an affect on the integral formation of persons and the transformation of society.

[1] Foundation Documents, Formula for the classes, c. III. Lestonnac Editions, ODN nº 1. Rome 1976, p. 142

[2] Historia de la Orden. Ediciones Lestonnac, Roma 2012, p. 98

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