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  • Wednesday, April 08, 2020
  • St. Julie Billiart

Educational proposal

Our Mission

When study is ordered towards the service of God, it is one of the best devotions
Ignatius of Loyola


The Company of Mary, true to its origins, places at the service of society and the Church an educational legacy acquired in over 400 years of existence. In dialogue with reality, it has constantly developed and updated its educational and pedagogical work at each historical moment.
In light of the Christian cosmo-vision of the person, of life and the world, which is the foundation of the education we offer, our distinct educational style emphasizes the following

  • A Christian humanist education which embraces the ideal of becoming “new men and women in order to build a new world, are the goal of the educational work.
  • A quality education which seeks to be efficient in every aspect of the educational process.
  • An education for solidarity, social responsibility and development which contributes to the transformation and improvement of each context.
  • An education that goes beyond the classroom and stipulations, seeking other educative opportunities which can foster a integral education and the experience of interculturality.
  • An education carried out with others, working together and complementing one another.
  • An education offered as a service through men and women educators who bear witness, by their word and life, to the values and principles we wish to inculcate.


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