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  • Wednesday, April 08, 2020
  • St. Julie Billiart


Our Mission

Fulfill your name and the hope of this religious community. Jeanne de Lestonnac


The dignity of the woman, the attention to her overall needs, to her vocation in relation to the family and her political and civil responsibilities, are compulsory in the educational project of the Company of Mary
To opt for the education of the woman, to accompany her in her mission as a life-bearer with what this expression means in all its facets, makes of our commitment a complex and rich undertaking of challenges.

The education of the woman in all that she is and in all her worth, invites us to serve in a way that is always new; to be up-to-date in everything referring to education, to go to the places where life is threatened by its vulnerability due to poverty, hunger, the lack of resources, and even more, due to the lack of love and meaning in life itself. Solidarity and sisterliness represent for us a permanent call to discover life and to accompany it in the situations where it is most threatened.

The expression “the woman must save the woman,” remains printed on the pages of the History of St. Jeanne’s followers who at different moments in time would open schools. They would take upon themselves the crossing of frontiers and engaging in a dialogue that would go beyond the biological and geographical boundaries imposed on the women of her time.

The educational work of the Company of Mary does not refer only to formal education but it is one that invites creativity in reaching out to the places in greatest need of salvation.