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  • Wednesday, April 08, 2020
  • St. Julie Billiart


What Do We Do

The means that unite the instrument with God and prepare him to be led by the divine hand are more effective than those who are prepared to be led by men
Ignatius of Loyola



ODNs is a non-profit international association, (AISBL). Solidarity is at the heart of its humanitarian projects. It responds to the situations of children and young people in the poorest countries.
It was founded in Belgium on November 9, 2011, officially decreed on November 30th. Its publication is dated December 8 of the same year.
This organization is present:

  • In France as ACIRF (International Christian Association of Encounters and Formation,” a public entity.
  • In Canada as “ODNs-Canada”, a non-profit organization that awaits its official recognition as a benevolent organization.
  • In Italy it is called “ODNs-Italia”, established in 2013.

ODNs is united to the Company of Mary Our Lady International Solidarity Foundation, an NGO for Development with its headquarters in Spain. 

Since September 2012, ODNs has:

  • A website in French ( It will soon be in Italian, English and Spanish.
  • A logo

ODNs is a program that supports the educational and charitable projects of the heirs of Jeanne de Lestonnac. She extended her hand to a multitude of young people so as not to leave anyone on the fringes.We have many young people who can become familiar with the webpage. They await us with so much hope and our hands are empty. But the desire is great, the desire to share and come together in simple and heartfelt ways. Their hands are marked by life: hands that search through trash, hands that cultivate the land, hands that are exploited… but hands that reach out to us for a better life. The logo motivates us to extend our hand to those who call, who suffer, who are humiliated, oppressed and rejected.

Will we know how to join our hands together so that Christ can bestow the fullness of life through us? Will be know how to open them to give what we have and who we are? Will we know how to reach out to embrace those who await gestures of sharing and friendship?

Marie-Chantal DUVAULT
President of ODNs