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  • Wednesday, April 08, 2020
  • St. Julie Billiart

Synthesis of identity

Who are we

Whoever wishes to come with me, must work with me, because following me in suffering is also to follow me in glory
Ignatius of Loyola

Mary, synthesis of our identity

Mary is the fullest expression of who we are and who we want to be as Company of Mary. She is the poor woman of Nazareth who shares the struggles and hopes of her people.  Mary lives in readiness, open to God’s gift.  She freely accepts the invitation to collaborate in God’s plan of salvation, committing her entire existence to accepting the Word in order to offer it to the world.
Through her, the New Woman can follow Jesus, poor and humble. Mary resolutely enters into the gospel dynamic of losing one’s life in order to gain it, experiencing the paschal mystery, remaining at the foot of the cross and allowing herself to be transformed by the joy of the resurrection.  In this personal journey, Mary keeps all these things in her heart, discerning the passing of God in her life in the midst of doubt, darkness, certainty and joy.  She is the prophetic woman who proclaims the holiness and mercy of God who looks upon the lowly and takes action in history.  Mary journeys with the ecclesial community in the service of the Kingdom, in the creation of the New Humanity where faith is manifested in works of justice.
Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac intuits that Mary expressed what she desired for the Company of Mary; she is the synthesis of our deepest reality.  In her rests the educational charism of our apostolic life in the following of the Lord Jesus.  In Mary, Saint Jeanne invites all, laity and religious, to fulfill our name in the living of our life, with the certainty that Mary accompanies us; she is the inspirational presence that shows us the way of the Kingdom.