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  • Lundi, 10 Décembre 2018
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Je prie Dieu qu’Il vous rende toutes selon son coeur, vraies filles et imitatrices des vertus de sa sainte Mère.
J. de Lestonnac

Chil Mary at divine providence

07/12/2016 | Provincia del Pacífico |

The children at Divine Providence Preschool and Kindergarten joined the worldwide Company of Mary in the celebration of the Feast of the Child Mary. The little ones had been practicing days before. It was a beautiful reminder of that first celebration in 1610.

The innocent faith of the children served to evangelize teachers and families as they processed in. The last to enter were four children who carefully carried in the statue of the Child Mary. With a little help from teachers, the children sang songs to Our Lady and led us in the ceremony. 

The highlight was when the children stood and recited the prayer of consecration where they promised to follow the example of Mary as a disciple of Jesus.